Re: [(RE)ANNOUNCING] nautilus-open-terminal

john erling blad aftenposten no wrote:
Be extremely careful if you remove or change functionality from/within
Gnome that might be central to some people's daily tasks, such as
administrating a computer. This is ***NOT*** (yelling, screaming, waving
arms and legs) something you simply move around when you feel for it. It
will turn into a flame war, much as spatial nautilus did.

I believe Christian is very well aware of this so this is just my
general rant to everyone else... :)

Please see:

And yeah, I generally dislike the terminal as it is but I do use it a
lot. Still, it seems like what I do most of the time is to cut'n'paste
bits and pieces of command lines. Perhaps it could be possible make a
terminal which integrates into Nautilus and detects what is datafiles
and replacing those with files selected in Nautilus, if someone is
selected and reusing last selection if none is selected..


It's not the terminal that Christian was talking about changing, rather the Nautilus menu item to access it. See above url for the pertinent thread.

- John

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