Re: search branch merged

Alexander Larsson wrote:
Today I merged the nautilus-search2 branch to HEAD. The code is not
totally done yet but it should mostly work, and I wanted to get
it into the 2.13.3 so some people would look at it. Also, the branch
contained various memleak and other fixes that I wanted to get in.

The search engine is pluggalble, to the extent that it is internally
factored out. However you can't install search engines outside of
nautilus atm. I.E you have to actually rebuild nautilus with libbeagle
installed to get support for beagle. This is beacuse I'm not ready to
export the APIs required to implement search backends outside the tree
yet (the code/API is not mature enough for that). If you don't have
beagle (or some other indexer) availible at build and running at
runtime then Nautilus will fall back to a simpler non-indexed search
engine which will work, but be slower and won't search on file

Can I make a few suggestion to this:

I'm not sure how to theme the colour but would it make more sense to use the menu bar colour? Themes like Clearlooks always make the menubar stand out and its recommended for themes to do this.

Having to put a search term in before filtering further can cause problems and limitations. If you use the simple non-indexed search it kills system performance because its doing a global search before you have a chance to filter. The other problem is there is no easy way to create a vfolder that just shows all documents (the search term you are forced to enter will always filter out some documents!). Maybe show the filtering options when the user clicks the search button? (can be a gconf setting?) and thus make the search term optional?

Supporting more filter types. As you know Tracker supports a vast array of metadata (as per the freedesktop spec) which neither Beagle nor the simple non-indexed search supports atm so I think we need some query capability call in the backends. Tracker also supports operations (equals, contains, <>, >, <, between) which are more relevant depending on the metadata type being searched (ie a date would use between, =, <, > as would an integer based one like filesize). AFAIK Beagle also supports date ranges. Are you happy to support this if I create a patch?

Mr Jamie McCracken

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