search branch merged

Today I merged the nautilus-search2 branch to HEAD. The code is not
totally done yet but it should mostly work, and I wanted to get
it into the 2.13.3 so some people would look at it. Also, the branch
contained various memleak and other fixes that I wanted to get in.

The search engine is pluggalble, to the extent that it is internally
factored out. However you can't install search engines outside of
nautilus atm. I.E you have to actually rebuild nautilus with libbeagle
installed to get support for beagle. This is beacuse I'm not ready to
export the APIs required to implement search backends outside the tree
yet (the code/API is not mature enough for that). If you don't have
beagle (or some other indexer) availible at build and running at
runtime then Nautilus will fall back to a simpler non-indexed search
engine which will work, but be slower and won't search on file

There are a bunch of stuff that I currently know of that should be done:

* We need a way to show and open the enclosing folder of a search
  hit. Otherwise its hard to tell which file a hit is. One approach is
  to add it as a list column/icon info, another is to show this in
  the status bar (we could do both). There might be other ways
  too. OSX has an interesting pathbar at the bottom of the window.

* Saved Search folders don't work in the tree sidebar yet.

* There is no way to select custom mimetypes in the mimetype search
  filter. This is because there is currently no way in gnome-vfs to
  list the availible mimetypes. 

* We want support for more types of query filters

* Need an icon for search folders

* Need to add an extension-point for the "extra location widgets" so
  that nautilus-cd-burner can add one for burn: locations.

* I want some HIG-knowlegable people to go over the new widgetry and
  fix all the padding/alignment etc. I'm pretty bad at these things.

* There is a leak in the list view if you collapse a subdirectory and
  then close the window before the directory was actually freed (there
  is a small timeout here). This isn't actually a bug in the search
  code, but I noticed it while working on it.

Enjoy it!

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