Re: search branch merged

Il giorno lun, 12/12/2005 alle 19.58 +0100, Alexander Larsson ha
> Today I merged the nautilus-search2 branch to HEAD. The code is not
> totally done yet but it should mostly work, and I wanted to get
> it into the 2.13.3 so some people would look at it. Also, the branch
> contained various memleak and other fixes that I wanted to get in.
> * Need an icon for search folders

Isn't better add a "search" emblem and use it over a plain desktop icon
then use a custom icon for search folders? As well as the ~/Desktop

> * I want some HIG-knowlegable people to go over the new widgetry and
>   fix all the padding/alignment etc. I'm pretty bad at these things.

See the attached glade (I tried only the spatial without beagle). Maybe
I should check better on HIG, but it seems good to me. In short:

      * 6 px border for search widgets' container
      * 12 px, vertical, between search text entry and search combo
        boxes (different role)
      * 6 px between "Search for" label and text entry (not sure, it
        could be 12 in HIG...)
      * 12 px between combo boxes

      * add tooltips (see glade)
      * the Go button is really ugly :-(
      * It could be interesting add an icon on file type selector (see
        tango icons)
      * do we really need the blue background??? It could at least
        follow the theme color...

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