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Hello Danny,

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005, Danny Milosavljevic wrote:

default. But not trusting distributors to handle such a feature
responsibly is a bit condescending. We need this, so that when for
instance Abiword is installed, all users get a 'Abiword document' item
under their right mouse button. Besides reducing the time needed to

See, thats not what it was created for.

Maybe, maybe not. In my opinion, though, it's one of the most useful things that can be done with it.

Now, every day, instead of writing the document anew, he jusT "copies"
the template.

That's another valid use case, yes.

You'd be surprised just how often such "half-filled documents" are needed.

Not at all.

What you want to use this for is something completely different, you
want the system to be "document-centric", like win98 and os/2 are.

OS/2 infinitely more than windows anything, I dare say, but yes, absolutely, that's what I would like!

However, you will end up with a huge menu if you put each and every app
that is installed in there.

I think I have restated often enough by now that I don't want the *default* menu to grow over ~5 well chosen productivity templates. Ohterwise, you lose overview, and it would defeat the purpose.

Note that you can have an app installed just because you want to read
some file someone else sent you, and you dont neccessarily ever create
files yourself using that app

I'm sure there are lots of fringe use cases that don't require installing a template. That doesn't mean the central use case doesn't warrant it.

That said, after you implemented what you called '"trash" (hide)' right,

A crazy idea perhaps, but the 'Open with' properties tab might even have a checkbox to indicate which apps are allowed to provide a template for a particular document type.

and, on login, ask the user if he cares about creating documents of the
recently installed apps "etwetwe Document" and "ktrze Document",

I doubt very much if it is a good idea to present the user with workflow-disturbing questions that will be clicked away thoughtlessly anyhow.


Reinout van Schouwen

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