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Am Dienstag, den 02.08.2005, 17:48 +0200 schrieb Reinout van Schouwen:
> Hello all,
> Does Nautilus provide a location where templates could be installed 
> system wide? This would make it easier for distributors to include a few 
> default templates with GNOME, without having to create them for each 
> user in her $HOME/Templates directory.

This is not possible for the exact reason to prevent distributors (or
worse, applications) from including "a few" default templates with gnome
(like "New docbook xslt dtd schema document", which obviously everyone
and their brother needs ;)).

If you as distribution want to put them in per default, put them
into /etc/skel/Templates before creating the user, so the user later can
at least get rid of the stuff he doesnt need and can change the

I'd suggest though not to put anything in per default.

I'm sure you noticed that the $HOME/Templates folder is visible to the
user. This is because it is for the user to put stuff in and edit or
remove stuff. A global directory would only be annoying to the users.
Been there, done that.

Note that I am no nautilus developer, but I certainly can relate why it
has been done like it has been done.


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