Re: Global templates

On 8/21/05, Reinout van Schouwen <reinouts gnome org> wrote:
> Don't you think it's a bit strange to hold back on a certain
> functionality that would benefit users, unexperienced ones in
> particular, because of the possibility that it might be abused?

The point is, that every use of it would be abuse. :)

> I agree completely that the menu should not contain dozens of entries by
> default. [..] We need this, so that when for
> instance Abiword is installed, all users get a 'Abiword document' item
> under their right mouse button. 

But that's exactly what will cause the menu to contain dozens of
entries in no time! That's not what it was intended for and we should
accept that.

> 2) help the user to use
> GNOME in a document-oriented/spatial fashion.

I strongly agree that there should be a way to create new document
types in a document-oriented way (without knowing the required file
extension), but listing every possible document type in the templates
menu is certainly not the best way to do that.


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