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Am Samstag, den 20.08.2005, 12:36 -0400 schrieb Chris Spencer:
> I use Nautilus almost exclusively, so I was surprised when it began 
> (seemingly) randomly locking me out of certain folders in my home 
> directory, or showing certain files as empty documents. The owner was 
> set to my user, so not being allowed to view the files or directory made 
> no sense to me, even though I could access everything as root. Then I 
> attempted to access the directory with Konqueror, and quickly discovered 
> the folder was using "Advanced Permissions" and that the folder was set 
> to disallow everyone the "Enter" permission. I easily corrected this in 
> Konqueror and was able to view my files again in Nautilus. Is Nautilus 
> unable to handle these advanced permissions or is this a bug?

yes, if those are "Access Control Lists", these are not implemented yet.
Every once in a while, someone comes to the list, says it would be nice,
and says that he'll work something up, but usually he will vanish, with
no advance being done. 

If it is just the normal permissions, then, yes, nautilus can change
that: Go to popup menu > preferences > permissions > execute permissions
(yes, that is a stupid name, but unix permissions are like that -
execute permission for folders = permission to change into folder)

Unfortunately I do not have konqueror so I dont know which of these it
is using. Maybe someone else can confirm which applies.

> Chris


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