German Umlauts in Nautilus file name renamings


first of all big thanks to everyone who has paticipated in the development of gnome and has made such a good software possible for me to use. I'm new here in the mailing list and I know it's not good to ask first but I have a problem with nautilus and I want to know if it's only a configuration problem or if it's a code problem. After a search in google I found that there are only some poorly visited forums out there which job is to inform users about gnome. But now not to bore you further

my Problem:
As you perhaps have already found out I'm german and for this I want that nautilus renames my files with german umlauts also. But if I want to do this it always says

The item could not be renamed.
The name "Hintergründe" is not valid. Please use a different name.

Is there any way to get around this problem or, do I have to live with that until the end of my days?

Perhaps you can give me some ideas to get this working. Would be nice...

Thanks for your time to read this...

Greetz Wolfgang Meyerle (Student of Informatics on university of applied sciences in Ingolstadt)

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