Re: [FTP] at not allowed in FTP username

Nelson Benítez napisał(a):
> Mateusz Łoskot escribió:
>> I suppose there is a problem with the at - @ - in my username.
>> May be I'm something wrong?
> The bug is fixed in gnome-vfs but still not in nautilus. You can also
> use gftp[1] without problems.
> [1]

I know gftp (I also use ncftp) but, you know, I like networking features
of Nautilus. It is more Gnome friendly and I like the way I can work
with remote resources just as common directories.
That's why I'm asking.

Do you kow when this but will be fixed, completely?

Best regards

Mateusz Łoskot, mateusz (at) loskot (dot) net
Registered Linux User #220771

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