Re: a question about the tree model in the side pane

Am Donnerstag, den 11.08.2005, 18:32 +0900 schrieb apple dragon:
> nautilus 2.4

Scary. Grab a recent version. This one is really outdated.

> I want to hide some directories in the tree of the side pane by

You may want to take a look at

> I only re-compile the component/tree

Where is this code located in Nautilus 2.4? In Nautilus 2.11, it is in
src/file-manager, which means that you're meant to make && make
install-binPROGRAMS in src/.

> and run nautilus after remove session of nautilus

You shouldn't poke around with session removal as a developer. See [1].

> need all sources re-compiled ?
Depends on the tree organization. When doing make'ing/make install'ing,
you can see whether these files will be put into a library or the
"nautilus" binary (see above).
A good method of checking back whether your modifications are in is
adding a printf/g_warning in the very beginning of the modified

[1] /

Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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