Re: Application Icons

Christian Neumair wrote:
Chris Spencer schrieb:

In the mean time, we can always use Konqueror, which doesn't impose these odd and frustrating limitations.

Don't be that sarcastic.

I apologize if I seemed flippant, but I'm completely serious. I rarely use KDE for anything, but when I want to edit a .desktop file I use Konqueror with gedit since Nautilus simply does not allow this. I find the gui far more convenient than the equivalent command line tools.

You want an option for displaying .desktop filenames instead of their "Name" fields; two questions:

a) Does Konqueror integrate this into the UI in a convincing way?
b) Is this important for a notable percentage of our users?

Feel free to come up with a reasonable integration proposal and we'll adopt it, if b) is answered with yes. After all, we target office users and not developers, who usually know how to use bash and friends.

Konqueror succeeds in this regard simply, and ironically, by providing less functionality than Nautilus. Konqueror treats a desktop file no differently than any other file, allowing you to execute, rename, or edit it.

I understand you desire to hide the intimidating innards of desktop files from the average user, but I propose such effort are unwarranted. The average user is unlikely to navigate the mysterious /usr/share/applications directory, much less worry about directly editing desktop files. Their interaction with desktop files will usually be limited to the application menu, which applies its own interface. If you're going to lock out desktop files, you might as well prevent them from navigating outside their home directory or manipulating configuration files. Of course it's true developers are often keen on the command line, but that's not to say it's not also convenient to simply browse to /usr/share/applications and open a file in gedit. Even developers can appreciate a nice desktop ;)

Again, I apologize if I seemed rude earlier. I'm a huge fan of Gnome and look forward to its continued success and improvement.


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