Re: Application Icons

Chris Spencer schrieb:

Christian Neumair wrote:

Am Montag, den 09.05.2005, 23:55 -0400 schrieb Chris Spencer:

When I use Nautilus to view the menu files in /usr/share/applications, it only shows the value of the name attribute and not the filename of the file itself. Is there any way to get Nautilus to simply display all files as files and not pre-filter them in any way?

No, unfortunately not.
At the moment, you're not even able to display/change the filename of a
desktop file in the property window, which is quiet unbearable. The
latter will hopefully be addressed by a fix on our way to 2.14.
I think having an additional "resolve .desktop Name fields" knob right
in the directory view UI is overhead and won't be implemented. If you
need desktop-ids, just use

find /usr/share/applications -type f | sed 's/^\/usr\/share
\/applications\///' | sort

unfortunately, the order won't be correct for subdirs - but, oh well,
this isn't really common.

In the mean time, we can always use Konqueror, which doesn't impose these odd and frustrating limitations.

Don't be that sarcastic.

You want an option for displaying .desktop filenames instead of their "Name" fields; two questions:

a) Does Konqueror integrate this into the UI in a convincing way?
b) Is this important for a notable percentage of our users?

Feel free to come up with a reasonable integration proposal and we'll adopt it, if b) is answered with yes. After all, we target office users and not developers, who usually know how to use bash and friends.

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