Re: Nautilus 2.10-4 FC4 SMB problem

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 20:49, Andre Bunting wrote:
> I fill out the properties box with server name (machine name or even ip
> address) and all the other fields like username etc.. when it tries to
> connect to the machine or the share.. it tells me cant display contents of
> ITC2000(machine name..) .. now ITC2000 has a few shares... like drive C
> and D.. nautilus doesnt ask me nor prompts for a password to go with the
> username. Can some one tell me whats wrong ?

In 2.10 code, there is a problem if username is given while accessing a
samba server. smb-method code does not prompt for authentication and
fails to connect the server. I fixed the bug after 2.10 is out, as part
of If you get 2.11 or
latest gnome-vfs, you will not see the problem.

As a workaround, don't give username while filling the samba server
details. Just give machine name/ip address and share details. You will
be prompted for username, domain and password. Please let know if it


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