Nautilus 2.10-4 FC4 SMB problem

Good day all,
             I have gnome 2.10 and using Nautilus 2.10-4 on fedora Core
4... now my problem lies when i try to connect to a windows
share on a machine across the network.

I fill out the properties box with server name (machine name or even ip
address) and all the other fields like username etc.. when it tries to
connect to the machine or the share.. it tells me cant display contents of
ITC2000(machine name..) .. now ITC2000 has a few shares... like drive C
and D.. nautilus doesnt ask me nor prompts for a password to go with the
username. Can some one tell me whats wrong ?

Andre Bunting
Information Technology Manager
Integrated Telecommunication Consultants Limited
Unit No.1 - Ground Floor, 23 -27 Eastern Main Road,
Barataria, Trinidad, West Indies.
Telephone : 675-1438 Cell: 748-8587

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