Re: [PATCH] Treat clicks in list view on other columns than sort column as background click

Sven J. schrieb:

Am Montag, den 01.08.2005, 20:34 +0200 schrieb Martin Wehner:
I agree with Shaun: It's very confusing. I have many folders sorted by
size for example, and so I'd have to hit the small size column to make
it select a file. Plus there's no intuitive connection between the
column and it being the column to use for selections. If I didn't knew
how it works, it would have taken me several minutes to figure it out.
It might work for the name column though (like Explorer does it), I
guess people think of the name + icon as "the file". Perhaps we should
try that out in the 2.14 cycle and see if people get used to it.

cant you make the status behave like background?

That sounds totally broken. The status bar isn't part of the main view. We should either only treat clicks on the first visible column as not being background clicks, or add a dummy row at the end. Both has been proposed, some testing on what feels better has to be made. If we want to use the column solution, this is definitly 2.14 stuff.

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