Re: Nautilus document viewer

Sriram Ramkrishna schreef:
On Tue, Aug 02, 2005 at 02:21:25PM +0200, Paul van der Vlis wrote:

They want to change to Linux desktops, but this is really a problem.

Evince is not usable, they will never view files like word, openoffice, e.g. Further is Evince a seperate program, you need to open/close it. It's so great from Powerdesk or Nautilus with Bonobo that you do not have to open/close a program, and that everything is viewed in 1 window.

Hmm.  I'm not sure I understand.  Evince is very fast and can easily
and very quickly load pdfs and word processing files, even powerpoint
slides without the overhead of running a full blown program like
open office and what not. (actually not sure about open office)

Bryan Clark wrote:
I've said no to this stuff several times already.  Like Jonathan said I
think Evince can do a great job viewing vector based documents, however
I think it will be a bad idea to use it as a viewer for these other

Is this a case where your customer has gotten used to a feature
and not willing to let it go?  Embedding programs was cool but
it wasn't stable.  You're customers would not be well served by
complex engineering that could fail.

OK, it should be stable...

The simple approach of using
having a universal viewer is actually a good idea.  Could you try
your users on some of them and see what they think?

They want a file-manager with integrated viewer. They don't want to do "file | open | document", but simply select a document from a directory to be viewed.

It could be a seperate program, but they want to see both a file-list and a document at the same time.

I think something like a document viewer would be great as a plugin for Nautilus.
I'm not sure it's possible. Maybe in the future. But in the mean time there are ways to address the actual problem "quickly accessing information in front of a user" In the future products like "Dashboard" can give information "real time" without opening anything.

Thank you, I had never heard of Dashboard. But it's not really what they want (maybe it's better)

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

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