Re: Incorrect URI is passed when domain name is entered for smb://in connect to server

Alexander Larsson wrote:
Unix usernames can contain special characters, but as such there is no need to
escape the username before passing the uri. While escaping, the character ';',
gets substituted with '%3B' and the uri can't be understood by gnome-vfs.

There is a very real reason to escape usernames in uris: The username
may contain special symbols. Usernames like foo bar com are very common
in many places. Even ; might be allowed in some type of usernames. 

What we should do is allow you to type in the domain like a normal human
in a "domain" field, not force users to learn magic uri semantics to
specify the domain.
Yes, for giving domain name there should be a separate field in the connect to server dialog.

For "Ftp (with login)" also, if I give user name like "happy;user" (created it on a Solaris 9 system), the user name is passed to ftp method after escaping, is "happy%3Buser". The ftp method directly uses it and fails.

Do you think ftp method (or smb in other case) should unescape this string before using it as username ? If so, ftp, smb etc. methods should be changed to fix this issue.


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