Incorrect URI is passed when domain name is entered for smb:// in connect to server


Steps to reproduce the problem
1. Select 'Connect to Server' option from Places in the top panel.
2. Select the service type as 'Windows share'.
3. Enter the IP or name of the server in server field. eg: my-samba-server
3. Enter username and domain in username field (as domain;username) eg: wipro;dinoop
4. Click on Connect button
5. Now double click on the newly created icon.

Observation : The uri which gets passed is
"smb://wipro%3Bdinoop my-samba-server", which is something that can't be
understood by gnome-vfs smb method.

The text entered in username field is escaped and used in the uri. The methods
like ftp,smb can't understand this text if it contains special characters.

Unix usernames can contain special characters, but as such there is no need to
escape the username before passing the uri. While escaping, the character ';',
gets substituted with '%3B' and the uri can't be understood by gnome-vfs.

I've put up a patch in bugzilla to correct the same.

Kindly review.

Please cc me on reply.


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