Nautilus Devs and This Thread

I really hope that this won't a knee-jerk reaction (ie. this is a discussion on nautilus spatial, so it must be useless). I think some of the posts do offer some good ideas.

On the other hand, this thread also contains off-topic/thoughtless posts. I really hope that future posters will offer useful and well-thoughtout suggestions on how to make spatial mode work with deep folder trees, instead of posting their pet ideas about how to make the spatial mode more browser-like.

Raul Acevedo wrote:
On Wed, 2005-04-20 at 19:29 +0900, Ryan McDougall wrote:

You guys realize that the nautilus developers are ignoring this thread,
and when Alex gets back from vacation, the first thing he is going to do
is delete it, right? Have we accomplished anything? It all seems rather
masturbatory to me.

Good point...

Well, lurking Nautilus developers... what *do* you think of this thread?
I'd be curious to hear Alex's opinion when he is back too.


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