Re: Searching in a directory

Diego Gonzalez schrieb:

I'm planning to implement the following: a search entry that work like the search entry in the epiphany history, this is: as you type it will filter the results that contain the written letters in any place of the file name. I'm planning to add this in an area just below the menu bar of the spatial windows.

Note that this would only search the files that match in the current directory.

What do you think? would it be useful? would such a feature be accepted in nautilus?


The search line should be hidden by default and could be activated with Ctrl-F like in Firefox. To make the search discoverable it should also have a menu entry that shows the Accessor key.

I would like a search as you type feature like in Firefox and Thunderbird. So you type the search string and the files shown narrow down as you type the word. Also like in firefox the search bar could then have an x at the side to remove it and remove the search filter in this way.

The wildcard feature could be implemented like this. You simply type a normal word means it will be searched for anywhere in the name. If you type a wildcard character * the search will use the normal wildcard semantics (like *.jpg or holiday*). A regexp search could be done with /^\w* \d+/. So we don�t need lengthy search prefixes.

What do you think?

Greets Christian


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