Re: Searching in a directory

On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 00:54 +0200, Diego Gonzalez wrote:
> I'm planning to implement the following: a search entry that work like
> the search entry in the epiphany history, this is: as you type it will
> filter the results that contain the written letters in any place of
> the file name. I'm planning to add this in an area just below the menu
> bar of the spatial windows.
> Note that this would only search the files that match in the current
> directory. 
> What do you think? would it be useful? would such a feature be
> accepted in nautilus?

I've often wanted to filter the spatial view like this. It's intuitive
and simple. Though I've got no say whether or not it is accepted into
Nautilus itself, I will say that I like it and that it is a feature I'd
end up using a lot.

What would be great is if it could understand regular expressions and
allow for the option of grepping files instead of just matching on the

Maybe it could work like this:

* for a regular file name search: "search for words in the file name"
* for a regex file name search  : "regex: *.jpg"
* for a grep type search        : "grep: this string"

However, that does seem a little geeky for the average user and I really
can't think of any better way of providing these options without
corrupting the existing cleanliness of the UI.

Regardless, even at it's most basic (a label and text field) with no
"advanced" options/usages I'd still love to see this implemented.

Cheers for a good idea!

Kevin C. Krinke <kckrinke opendoorsoftware com>
Open Door Software Inc.

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