Re: POSIX ACL Support in Nautilus

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 09:38 +0200, Olaf Frączyk wrote:
> Please don't put inside more than necessary. Just username and
> permissions. If you really like to have full Name, Surname, then add a
> tooltip. But I strongly vote against it. It should be a tab to change
> permissions, not a tool to manage users/groups.
> It could be, that in the future we will have to display more than just
> POSIX ACLs. For example for samba share mounted from Windows we could
> present more permissions. Or for a Windows network share files.

Agreed-- The username doesn't seem to be the sort of detail that needs
to be hidden, and it's already exposed in a couple other places, e.g.
the Home icon on the desktop.

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