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On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 17:13 +0200, john erling blad aftenposten no
> What if the user could set some folder as the present desktop? And give
> each additional workspaces its own desktop folder. Combine this with
> edge flipping and an user could drag files from one desktop/workspace
> into another.


> Oh yeah, it would also be user confusion nirvana!

I didn't say anything, you did :)

> Most likely it would have to use some kind of visual tagging to show the
> user where he/she is. Perhaps some default icons cold be placed on the
> desktop representing ./ and ../ with the name of the folder added
> somehow.

Well, well. This brings a question about the traditional way of the
"desktop": Presentation and use.

Currently the desktop area (excluding panels and any open windows)
consists of icons and the wallpaper. I guess we can use this (presumably
less-visible) area better, and it could become more useful. Without
gdesklets, I'm not talking about that.

Your idea would be great, if the desktop was presented in a tabbed
fashion, selectively displaying a few of the default folders.

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