Re: spatial nautilus proposal

Mazzoni Perseo wrote:
When we have a directory opened on the desktop, after we closed the parent directory, we can't really do anything to this directory
without reopen the parent directory.

If, for example, I want to rename that directory, If I want to erase that directory, if I want to copy that directory or, VERY IMPORTANT, if I want to OPEN that directory with another program, for example rhythmbox, I have to re-open the parent directory then click with the
right mouse button and select open with on the directory icon,
directory I HAVE ALREADY OPENED on the desktop.

This doesn't address menu operations (not directly, at least), but I always loved having the icon in the window title act as a proxy.

In Windows (since 95), you can drag the icon from the upper-left corner and have it act as if you're dragging the icon in the parent folder.

Pre-XP, you could also right-click the icon and get the exact same operations as when clicking on the icon contained in the parent folder. (Especially great for shift-delete operations on a folder, since it allowed to be *absolutely* sure that the operation was done on the correct folder.)

In Classic Mac OS (pre-X), I seem to remember that you could do the same. Plus, command-clicking the title opened the parent folders (see the debates on in another current thread. That doesn't add to visibility, so it wasn't worth mentioning there.)

The problem is, icon display is theme-dependent. So, conceivably, this means that the icon would have to be shown in the open folder window itself. Still, I thought it worth mentioning.

- John

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