Re: ftp and Nautilus

>Fact is, the app cannot know that.  This is exactly why we're having
>this discussion thread.

The app could try to login and if it gets a "you are not allowed to read
this ftp server" message only then show the dialog with the username/pass
asking the user to enter his/her details.
On OSX, when you click an ftp site with safari, Finder opens it no problem,
it doesn't bother you needlessly with a password dialog for anonymous sites.
Now, if the user wants to upload stuff there, the user could just drag n
drop files and only at that point having nautilus bringing up a login dialog
(and essentially re-login transparently to the user and without refreshing
the nautilus window)

So, here is the logic for less user bugging:
-- If site allows reading, login as anonymous and show the site's contents
without user dialogs
-- If site doesn't allow reading, ask the user to enter his login details
via the dialog
-- if the user is logged in as anonymous and attempts to d-n-d some files in
the ftp server, bring up the dialog and then re-login as eponymous user (but
in a way that's transparent to the user, you don't throw the user back to
the / or  /pub folders for example, you just carry out his/her d-n-d like
nothing happened after he/she entered the login details)

Same goes for the samba currently on nautilus. My XP shared folder is set to
be public (no logins/passwords are set) and nautilus *still* bothers me each
time with a dialog instead of trying logging in first, or asking the samba
server if this is a public share or not.


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