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El lun, 17-05-2004 a las 16:20, Eugenia Loli-Queru escribió:

> So, here is the logic for less user bugging:

Sorry to disagree, Eugenia, but that wouldn't work so well.  Many office
FTP servers are meant to be used with the user/pw combo assigned by IT
dept., and have anon access as well, which would show an ENTIRELY
different set of files.  So logging in as anonymous, while an option,
shouldn't be the default behavior, no way.  But autologging as anonymous
in the background is certainly useful since it lets GNOME know
beforehand whether anon access is allowed or not.

> -- If site allows reading, login as anonymous and show the site's contents
> without user dialogs
> -- If site doesn't allow reading, ask the user to enter his login details
> via the dialog
> -- if the user is logged in as anonymous and attempts to d-n-d some files in
> the ftp server, bring up the dialog and then re-login as eponymous user (but
> in a way that's transparent to the user, you don't throw the user back to
> the / or  /pub folders for example, you just carry out his/her d-n-d like
> nothing happened after he/she entered the login details)
> Same goes for the samba currently on nautilus. My XP shared folder is set to
> be public (no logins/passwords are set) and nautilus *still* bothers me each
> time with a dialog instead of trying logging in first, or asking the samba
> server if this is a public share or not.
> Eugenia
	Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)
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