Re: [PATCH] Allow to get properties of open folder

On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 17:32, Dave Camp wrote:
> I don't think I like the idea of the meaning of the properties window
> changing based on whether or not there is a selection.

FWIW I tend to agree, although I can appreciate the potential
convenience... if nothing is selected, there is no "File" to get the
"Properties" of, which is what the File->Properties menu item is really
for.  (It's different with the context menu though-- right-clicking the
window background rather than a file certainly infers that it's the
enclosing folder's properties you want.)

<late afternoon meandering>
I wonder if in our spatial world, we really want the leftmost menu to be
"Folder" rather than "File", since the window represents a folder in the
same way it represents a File in a document-based app?  Most of the
items currently on it would make at least as much sense as they do now,
if not more... but we'd probably then need a File menu elsewhere on the
menubar, which might start getting a little odd...
</late afternoon meandering>


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