Re: [PATCH] Allow to get properties of open folder

> <late afternoon meandering>
> I wonder if in our spatial world, we really want the leftmost menu to be
> "Folder" rather than "File", since the window represents a folder in the
> same way it represents a File in a document-based app?  Most of the
> items currently on it would make at least as much sense as they do now,
> if not more... but we'd probably then need a File menu elsewhere on the
> menubar, which might start getting a little odd...
> </late afternoon meandering>

How about having the File menu become a Folder menu, like you proposed,
and have the Edit menu become a Selected menu which will have the things
in File that wont belong there anymore? Most of the things in the Edit
menu are only relevant for selected files, so it wouldn't need to change
much anyhow. The only problem I can see is that the Edit menu is too
large as it is, so it would need to be cleaned up a bit.

This also solves the problem of having two properties menu items, since
they are under completely separate menus they are easily
Another thing that this will enable would be to open the folder in a new
program (such as the terminal) without having to go to the parent
folder, since you could have this functionality in the Folder menu
(otherwise you get the same problem with the properties item, and in
terms of confusing between the item for selected files and for the

Daniel Brodie

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