Re: printing in nautilus

Em Sex, 2004-03-26 às 20:54, Josh Kuo escreveu:
> hi all:
> I have read through the recent mailing list archive and did not find
> what I am looking for.
> I would like to customize Nautilus so that an user can do one of the
> following:
> 1) Right click on any file and select "Print", and it will launch
> whatever printing software (kprinter, lpr...) and allow user to print
> the file.

A nice fix to this could be allowing customization of the verb used in
file associations. The current system has only one hardcoded verb: open.
The application developer can only customize the name of the
application, so Nautilus/VFS shows "Open with $app". Instead, the
application could customize the entire string, so we could have "Print
with", "Open with", "Open as Template",
etc. The same for XMMS: "Play with XMMS", "Append to XMMS playlist".

I didn't think about l10n here, but it seems trivial, since the .mime
and .keys files are already l10n-able.

The migration could be transparent: a new field could be created for the
customized verbs. If the old (current) field is used, then the verb is
assumed to be "Open".

Any ideas? Who is currently working in file type association stuff in
GNOME-VFS? Alex posted some ideas for GNOME 2.8 last week. Maybe this
could be added there. :)

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