Re: Icon scaling

Em Sáb, 2004-03-27 às 18:45, Soeren Sandmann escreveu:
> Currently the list view spends a lot of time scaling down icons that
> have a greater nominal size than base size. 
> Every time the list model is asked for an icon, and it finds out that
> that icon is too large, it scales it down. This means that every
> expose of the list view results in a lot icons getting scaled down
> which is showing up on profiles.
> This patch adds the ability to cache these scaled icons. 

Thank you. Great work. 

The same problem also happens with user and group columns. On every
expose event, it queries the Name Service Switch for each visible row. I
noticed this behavior when I ran the Name Service Cache Daemon with a
debugging option. I don't know if this was already fixed, though. Can
anyone confirm this so I can file a bug?

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