printing in nautilus

hi all:

I have read through the recent mailing list archive and did not find
what I am looking for.

I would like to customize Nautilus so that an user can do one of the

1) Right click on any file and select "Print", and it will launch
whatever printing software (kprinter, lpr...) and allow user to print
the file.

2) Have a script/program as an icon, that the user can do drag-n-drop
action. For example, the user can drag a .doc file to the icon that says
"Office Printer" and it will start printing to that printer. Or it could
also launch one of the printing software and prompt user to confirm
before proceeding to print the file.

I had looked into the nautilus-scripts part, but for some reason, the
version of Nautilus I have does not seem to have this feature... I am
running a stock Mandrake 9.2 with Nautilus 2.4.0. According to the help
document I am supposed to be able to click "File->Script" but it's not
there... Not sure what's going on.

Josh Kuo <josh kuo prioritynetworks net>

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