Adding icons to new Nautilus functions

Hello there,

Me and my colleague are adding new functionalities to the Nautilus
Toolbar. But we have to add also new icons to them. And none on the
default GNOME or GTK  stock icons fits.

At first we tried to create an iconrc file (for GTK) to substitute,
i.e., hardly include a new icon to the theme, but it didn't work.

After, modifying nautilus-shell-ui.xml we pointed directly to the new
icons file at the:

pixtype="pixbuf" pixname="copy_file_to.png"

pair of tag. Neither with full path name, or after copying
copy_file_to.png to the location of the stock icons, worked too.

How to solve this problem? Do we have to add a new icon set to GTK?
GNOME? Or exists an easy work around?

Thanks for the attention!! 
Adriano Del Vigna de Almeida <katmandu fs inf br>

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