Re: Remove search bar code cruft?

On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 14:01, Christian Neumair wrote:
> When grepping through Nautilus code, I've found out that it's using a
> switchable navigation bar that has two modes:
> contains two modes, simple and complex search bar. Since we've already
> moved to the spatial metaphor for 2.6, the navbar browser mode is just
> there for backwards compatibility and the search code is only used if

browser mode is *not* just for backwards compatibility. Its as supported
as spatial windows.

> nautilus_is_search_uri is TRUE (as far as I know we have no search vfs
> location at the moment so this is never TRUE), we could simply remove
> the whole search capabilities/medusa integration, drastically reducing
> compile time. This includes removing the search list view. It would be
> enough to bring up an additional gnome-search-tool window that is
> triggered through a "Search file or folder..." menu entry. Medusa
> integration could be done in gnome-search-tool, since displaying files
> that are located in various folders inside a spatial isn't really good,
> right?

Compile times would not be affected much at all, certainly nowhere near
"drastically". Almost all the medusa-related code is ifdefed out, and is
not built.

We're not yet sure how medusa integration will work. But this requires
some serious thinking, and I doubt launching gnome-search-tool is what
we want. 

The medusa code is sort of old and bitrotted, and at some point it might
be better to remove it and start from scratch. However, I'm not sure
we're at that point yet, and I'm not sure there is any way to tell
before someone seriously starts integrating medusa. Until then, the
medusa code doesn't hurt anyone, nor has it caused any maintainer
burden, so removing it sounds quite unnecessary.

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