Re: Fw: [Bug 136055] Changed - When paste a folder with another same name folder, files in original folder will be deleted

On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 09:06, 任延强 wrote:
> This bug had been reported many times and still in nautilus 2.4.x and
> 2.5.x. Doesn't anyone think it is a critical problem? 

Its not obvious that this is a bug, but rather a question of different
behaviours and what you're used to. Both MacOS and Unix has always had
the behaviour that nautilus currently has (try doing the same operation
you did in the shell). Of course, it does give problems for people who
are used to the way windows does this. Unfortunately a misunderstanding
about this behaviour can cause loss of data, so its a bit dangerous.

Maybe we should switch to the window behaviour?

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