Re: Nautilus as File Chooser


Thanks for comments. I agree with your point of view, the UI should be 
changed. I personally prefer the idea, that all setting should be removed 
from UI, only default settings of nautilus should be used. Also I like to see 
location bar in the bottom, while navigation bar located in the top of 
dialog. Button for editing and dialog creation can be added too. 

But I think, this is mostly future work, because first of all we should make 
specifications of interface, it can be like current FileChooser interface. 
Moreover, UI change makes some cardinal changes neсessary. For example, there 
is need for some subclassing/superclassing in nautilus/src for navigation 
windows (current navigation window and selection dialog) for support all this 
windows in navigation toolbar and location toolbar. By the way, display 
window subclassing can be done at the same time.

But what do nautilus developers think about it?

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