Nautilus copy folder problem

   I met a problem in nautilus-2.4, I think it is a bug. 
I have already reported it in bugzilla. Any comments about it,
please let me know.
Description of Problem:
   I have a folder "work" in my desktop, there are a lot of files in it. 
   In another place, I have a folder "work" also.
   I want to replace the same files in "work" in my desktop.
   So I copy the whole second "work" to Desktop. 
   A message box opened, the content is:
   File ".../Desktop/work" already exists, would you like to replace it?
   When I click "replace" button, oh, my god!
   All my files in folder "Desktop/work" are deleted!
   I only want to replace the same files in this folder!
Thanks & Regards

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