RE: Directory drill-down navigation

On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 16:50, joturner wrote:
> I believe it might also be useful for the new-window, when middle-clicking a 
> folder icon, to appear under the mouse instead of following the spatial norm 
> of appearing away from the already opened folder.  Since there is now no 
> previous folder window, it needn't be concerned with overlapping.

That would break the spatial metaphor. The idea is that the folder is a
solid object, including its geometrical properties. Basically, a folder
always shows up where you last used it. This means that the UI is
self-learing when it comes to window positioning. It adapts to your
usage patterns.

If course, for previously unvisited folders we *could* do something
special (atm we just let metacity place it).

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