Re: Templates directory looks pretty bare

<quote who="Jamie McCracken">

> On Sat, 2004-07-31 at 14:15, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Any app that installs to /home/*/Templates/ (obviously a stupid guess in
> > itself) is EVIL.
> yes installing to every home folder would be but installing to /etc/skel
> should be okay?

Highly unconventional, and I would say, evil.

> My feeling is it might be good to allow creation of new documents by both
> templates and Mime types. IE if the "text" Mime type was defined in the
> Mime database we could then have "Create Text File" in the menu in
> addition to templates.

This will just cause the same kind of insane overload you see in the Windows
Explorer context menu. It's useless because it's too long. Just leave it to
users and admins.

> > a) it's up to the admin or distro as to whether Templates is in /etc/skel
> We should allow apps to set something up too if possible or as I said
> above derive new entries from the Mime database.

We should not, as above.

> > d) changing the location of Templates would be an interface breakage anyway
> Sometimes they are necessary if for the better. Templates:/// is another
> option as well and it could be in the places menu too.

See previous list discussion about more vfs schemes. We want to avoid this
too. (You really do need to read back on the previous discussion about all
this stuff, it's annoying for maintainers (and others) to reply to the same
questions. Sorry.)

- Jeff

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