Re: Templates directory looks pretty bare

On Sat, 2004-07-31 at 13:30, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Davyd Madeley">
> > My take on this, is that nautilus shouldn't ship with the templates (same
> > as it doesn't ship with default mime handlers). Applications should
> > register templates with nautilus, so if you write templates, send them
> > upstream to the application authors.
> > 
> > ie. gedit could add a "Create text file" template.  or gnumeric could add
> > a "Create spreadsheet".
> Please see previous threads (and most usefully, the original thread) about
> Templates support for some discussion about why this won't happen. We will
> end up with the same kind of complicated mess we have with menus if we ship
> templates by default and allow applications to 'register' their own.

But apps can "register" anyhow by simply copying a blank file to the
templates folder when they are installed. The only thing missing is a
user friendly description of the file (having things like "unknown.txt"
is not as friendly as "Create Text File") 

>  That's
> why only ~/Templates is read, and why it's left entirely up to the user (in
> their home directory), admin or distribution (in /etc/skel).

It would be nicer if the Home Templates folder was hidden (in say 
~/.nautilus/Templates) and a menu entry for "Add to Templates" was added
to the selection popup in Nautilus - its not obvious at all to users
what the Templates folder in the Home folder does nor is it obvious how
to add such templates to Nautilus. I'm happy to do the work for this if
Alex agrees it would be useful.


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