Re: Mega patch to make spatial nautilus rock!

Jamie McCracken wrote:

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 13:24, Christian Schneider wrote:
Frank Lynch wrote:

Hi Philip,
Please accept my apologies - it was a bad choice of words.
FWIW - I have been using browser mode for a long time, and I havn't been
able to use spatial nautilus (because I work with some rather deep
directory structures) without Jamie's patch. So I was a browser bigot
myself! The spatial concept grew on me slowly, but I couldn't make the
leap without Jamie's patch. IMO this patch is the meeting of the browser
and spatial worlds. There is still room for improvement, but I feel that
its a lot better than anything I've ever used for file management.

Hi Frank,

I would be interested in how you will set up the mouse buttons in nautilus with the new settings.

Left click open a new spatial window and middle click open in same window?

I would recommend :

Left click - open in same window
Middle click - open in new window

I would probably choose:

left: open in new window, close old
middle: open i new window

But this is of course everyone´s own choice.

Mac OS/X does it this way and its more consistent with the file selector
that way too. Its also good for newbies coming over from Windows.

As it wont be in 2.8 or even in Nautilus CVS as such I will create and
maintain a new app called Nautilus Plus (its just Nautilus plus my
patches on top - not a fork!) so everyone that wants a really cool state
of the art file manager gets one (as opposed to the "politically
correct" Nautilus you currently get).
That is very nice.

I would like to test your patches. Will you offer binaries and perhaps even rpms? If you need someone to test and maintain fedora core rpms I could do that.

Christian Schneider

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