Re: Mega patch to make spatial nautilus rock!

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 13:48, frank flynch net wrote:
> I am also in favor of this patch. 
> I built it last night, and I absolutely love it, this patch truly makes
> spatial nautilus rock. I implore the spatial camp to give this patch a
> chance, please download & build it before you decide either way -
> Jamie's fantastic work enables what I can only describe as spatial
> browsing - which will draw browser bigots over into the spatial world.
> As I'm sure you know spatial nautilus got mixed reviews in the media
> when gnome 2.6 was released. I believe that with this patch spatial
> nautilus will get rave reviews, this is quite simply the best file
> manager I've ever used. 

Giving things a chance is good, but when you call people who currently
prefer the browser way out of _choice_ (the point of OSS) "bigots", your
not going to win me over and tempt me into trying the patch.

> Jamie - you've done an amazing job! I'm looking forward to seeing the
> "move to" and "copy to" context menu items. Thanks to you I now have the
> best file browser known to man. I really hope that your work makes it
> into gnome 2.8, but if it doesn't I'll be sticking with nautilus 2.6.3
> with your patches for some time.
> cheers!
> --Frank




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