shell scripts & mime infos

Where are the mime infos fetched from ?

I have a shell script named :


I've checked "Ask" in the nautilus prefs for executable text files.
On double-click, nothing is asked, emacs pops up.

In gnome-file-type-properties, settings for text/x-sh are :
- Viewer: view as text
- default action: Custom
I changed the default action to "gedit". Did nothing.

I checked the file type, it said: application/x-shellscript. I have the
same result with the "file -i" command.

I then ran a "grep /usr/share/mime-info/* -e x-shellscript" to see where
the mime type was registered. No result.

I'm confused. Shell scripts are registered in gnome-vfs.mime as text/x-
sh but recognized as application/x-shellscript... Where did nautilus
fetch this information from ? And this is not the only inconsistency in
mime types.
Boris de Laage <emak free fr>

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