Re: file association lost after upgrading to gnome 2.6.1

On Tue, 2004-13-07 at 14:06 +0200, cyrille bollu aweurope be wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently upgraded my desktop from gnome 2.4.2 to gnome 2.6.1 and
> from then file association doesn't work anymore in nautilus. Most of
> my files have unknown type.
> I say "in nautilus" because file association seems to work OK in
> gnome-file-properties.
> Does anyoby has a clue about where this problem is coming from?
> Regards,
> Cyrille

AFAIK this is a result of GNOME changing mime databases to a common
freedesktop version. The problems caused by such a move are well known,
and as it is the only way to help is make sure you have the latest
shared-mime-info and submit any bugs you find.


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