Re: Connect to Server dialog

On Wed, 2004-14-07 at 15:08 -0400, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Yeah, totally. I'm not sure how this thing turned into a production
> (*cough* bryan *cough*), the wording was sort of intended to be

I don't think there is anything wrong with community feedback. 

Actually I have been kind of disappointed in your level of participation
in particular. Several times I've written you directly and you have
ignored me every time. You don't *owe* me any replies, but its just
plain good manners to at least acknowledge my existence when I'm
publicly defending your design decisions.

> 1) You can't browse for folders until you've entered a user name
> 2) The dialog isn't really intended to be static based on the server
> type. So if you select FTP, it should have a checkbox for "Anonymous".
> Or if you select, say, AFS, it should have a "Use current Kerberos
> credentials" checkbox (or something, terribly phrased I know). The
> username is one of the things impacted by this. Ideally, we'd like to
> have password here too, since username & password are almost always a
> pair...but that could also be protocol specific (e.g. with sftp if you
> have S/KEY installed you don't need a password).
> The "Server Type" "Server" and "Folder" fields are closely related to
> "what resource do I want", so it would be nice to keep them next to each
> other... so I'm a little unhappy w/ putting username in the middle. But
> because of (1) it seems necessary to do this rather than put username at
> the bottom.
> -Seth

Quick idea: since there is a whole set of options that depend directly
on on Service Type/Server/Mount Folder (Folder is simply too generic for
anyone to understand IMO) would it not be better to break this up into a
two or three step process, like a wizard/druid/ninja?

To steal maciej's ascii-art

First screen
[v]__New Network Connection____________[_][ ][X]|
|                                               |
| Service (or Type?) :  [ Public FTP        |v] |
| Server :              [ |v] |
| Mount Point :           /mnt/foo/bar [Browse] |
|                                               |
| [Help]                     [Cancel] [Next]    |

Second screen (ServiceType + Server specific options)
[v]__New Network Connection_______________[_][ ][X]|
|                                                  |
| Some options specific to "Public FTP"            |
| Username :     [ KEYRING-USERNAME    ]           |
| Password :     [ ******              ]           |
|                                                  |
| Log in Anonymously    [X]                        |
|                                                  |
| [Help]                        [Cancel] [Connect] |

Final Screen
[v]__New Network Connection_______________[_][ ][X]|
|                                                  |
| Results of Connection to "Server"                |
| "Could not connect: Server does not support      |
|  Anonymous logins."                              |
|                                                  |
| [Help]                   [Cancel] [Back] [Retry] |

ps. Would it be a good idea to map delete key to "unmount" so mounted
volumes behave like other folders?

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