make symbolic links on desktop not open as file under Desktop folder

I've created a few symlinks to folders on my desktop my opening the
parent folder, and using Meta-Shift-Click to drag the folder to the

When I open such a folder from the desktop, I don't want Nautilus to
open it under the path in /home/raul/Desktop/foo, I want it to open it
as /home/raul/foo.  For spatial mode, it means it treats the folder
differently than I would expect, since it uses the folder attributes of
the link and not of the target; for browser mode, it adds
/home/raul/Desktop as the location which is not what I want.

This can be resolved by either:

1.  When Nautilus opens a symlink from the desktop, it opens the link
    target instead.

2.  Have an easy way to create a .desktop file on the desktop from an
    existing file or folder, that uses the same icon as the original and
    when clicked opens the original.  Ideally it would use an emblem to
    indicate this is really a .desktop file that "links" to the
    original, but this is less important.

Is this already supported in some manner?


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