Re: Automounted Directories

Dave Camp wrote:

Submount and the gnome-vfs volume management don't get along very well.
The attached patch to gnome-vfs gets it to work reasonably.


On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 19:57 +0200, Ruediger Dohmhardt wrote:
Dear list-members,

displaying automounted directories (automounted by subfs V0.9) worked fine for me with the original Gnome-SUSE9.1 installation.
SUSE-9.1 uses Nautilus-V2.4.2.

However, I immediately replaced GNOME-2.4 from SUSE9.1 with garnome 2.6.1, and last week with garnome 2.6.2 (Nautilus-2.6.3).
Since than I must type a command like

 cd /media/usb

to make Nautilus showing the USB-Stick contents longer than 3 seconds.

Maybe someone can give a hint to this.

Dear Dave,

that patch solved the problem. I did

cd /GIGA2/GNOME/garnome-2.6.2/platform/gnome-vfs/work/main.d/gnome-vfs-
   patch -p0 < gnome-vfs-submount.patch
   make install

and now, Nautilus-2.6.3 keeps staying on the directory

Thank you very much
Ruediger Dohmhardt                  ruediger dohmhardt freenet de
Kiefernweg 7                        Tel.:  04101 61743
D-25421 Pinneberg

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