Re: Data loss

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 14:48, Peter Harvey wrote:
> Hello,
> I've submitted a bugzilla bug about this. It's an instance of data loss
> which occurs when moving a directory. I originally reported it under
> Nautilus, and then moved it to GnomeVFS. Haven't heard anything about
> it, and since it *is* data loss I thought I might shout a little louder.
> :)

> While it's an obscure and rare bug, I think it should be ringing alarm
> bells that there's a logic problem somewhere within either Nautilus or
> the file module of GnomeVFS. I've tried to track it down myself using
> ViewCVS on but haven't been successful. I thought it was
> related to the use of the rmdir function, but rmdir refuses to remove a
> directory if the directory contains a file, so it can't be that.

We were losing the "skipped" flag if a later file copy in the directory
succeeded. I fixed this in cvs.

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