Nautilus smb:// - very impractical and buggy


Button "Up" is not active, I can only use "Back". But it is not what I

The Default View (I set it to list) is not honoured on network shares.

Other annoying thing is, that  I need to enter password for every share.
Why is it not used for all shares on this server?
If I need different username/passwords for different shares I would
expect right-click menu with option "Login as".
BTW, Why Gnome doesn't use my username/password from logging with GDM as
default one?

And after I logout/login from/to Gnome, I need to do it again.
I set "Remember password for this session" and "Save password in
keyring". If I set the latter it displays dialog box about not having
default keyring and to enter password. I do it, but in next session I
need to enter password for every share again.

I use nautilus from Fedora Core 2: nautilus-2.6.0-4.

Please tell me if it is fixed in newer versions, or I need to file bug



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