Nautilus 2.5.6, media entries from /etc/fstab, and samba


I'm using the Nautilus 2.5.6 from the Gnome 2.5.3 release, having
upgraded from Gnome 2.5.4.

I'm having difficulty using any kind of removable media: the entries for
the floppy drive and optical drive don't show up in the computer://
location, even though they're present in /etc/fstab (with the user
flag), and worked with the Nautilus 2.4.4.

Additionally, the desktop Trash location has ceased to work, even though
files are still correctly moved into .Trash, and trying to browse samba
shares doesn't work.  This made me think I might have problems with
gnome-vfs, but having rebuilt this and checked the output seems to imply
that everything is fine.  There is a warning about cdda_paranoia
"present but cannot be compiled", but this presumably has nothing to do
with the problem.  I don't have any gnome-vfs-extras in the way.

I've been through the mailing lists and checked bugzilla, but I can't
find any similar problem reports.  I'm running Gentoo on an Athlon XP.

I presume I'm just doing something wrong, can anybody point me in the
right direction?



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